Technology & Your Guard Force

No longer do Indianapolis company executives and managers need to wonder what their security officers are doing when unsupervised. Are doors being checked? Is the perimeter being walked? Are guests being challenged? Are they even AWAKE!

The reduction of both internal and external theft, as well as improvements in safety, serve to keep operating costs down and prices at a competitive rate. Whether you provide a service or a product, anything that affects the normal operation of your business is not cost-effective. Incidents that create overtime, cause higher insurance rates, result in medical bills or missed work time, create damage to property, etc. should be avoided at all reasonable costs. A proactive, observant and well-trained security team can help your company to achieve this goal.

Through the use of an innovative and state-of-the-art security command center, companies like Trinity Executive Services, Inc. now offer their Indianapolis clients a “peace of mind” through direct and real-time observation of the contract security team. Through an associated client portal, the customers’ desire for transparency through direct access to their data is finally here. This self-serve approach means that clients feel empowered while noticing the critical contribution that their Indianapolis based contract security team makes to their overall security plan. With the combined power of analytics, customized chart creation capabilities, and business report functionalities, clients receive:

  • Custom incident analytics reports
  • Client-secure access to site information
  • Unlimited report history just a few clicks away
  • Instant access to recorded video documentation
  • Real-time view of the activities at their site
  • Real-time GPS tracking during entire shift
  • Automated guard tour summary with GPS tracks
  • And more!

If your business does not currently utilize a robust and highly customizable software program with GPS capabilities and a client-facing portal, it may be time to redesign your security program. Talk with the professionals at Trinity Executive Services, Inc. for a free security assessment anywhere in Indianapolis and surrounding cities. | (317) 890-1169 |

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