Security Pay Rates

Many job applicants, applying for their first time in the security industry, may be surprised to find the pay rates are not as high as they expected.  Oftentimes the staff at Trinity Security, Inc. hears comments such as, “fast food restaurants pay a higher starting rate” or “I can make more money digging ditches for the city”.

While these statements may in fact be true, you may want to think about what these jobs would require of you.  For example, fast food restaurant work is face-paced, hectic, tiresome, requires one to be on their feet for long periods of time, is greasy, difficult at times when dealing with unruly customers and has an element of danger due to the hot cooking surfaces, knives and slippery floors.

Should you decide to dig ditches or work for a construction company, there’s no doubt the pay would be higher. However, you will probably be working in the extreme heat of the summer with very little relief during the day.  You would be subjected to physical labor for the majority of your shift, be on your feet the entire day, have your hours cut in the winter months and risk injury due to the inherent dangers associated with a construction site.

Security officers employed by Trinity Security, or its sister company Trinity Executive Services, typically enjoy a much different type of work environment that includes:

  • Job primarily entails: patrolling, observing and reporting. Be awake and aware of your surroundings
  • Most officers work in a climate controlled area, whether in your car or a building
  • No physical labor
  • Permitted to sit at many site locations
  • Very little danger and low threat level at unarmed sites
  • Many sites are closed so very little interaction with customers or clients
  • As long as site is secure, at many locations you’re permitted to read or study. However you must always be alert and aware of your surroundings and able to respond appropriately
  • Most shifts are eight hours and overtime is available. Steady work and your hours will never be cut based on seasons
  • Long-term employment. Trinity has been in business for 24 years and as long as you do your job , you will always have a job

Indeed, an employment website, states the average rate for unarmed security officers in Indiana is $10.76 per hour and $12.56 for armed officers.  Armed and unarmed officers employed by Trinity Security can make $10.75 to $15 per hour, depending on location and job requirements.  These pay rates are not unreasonable when one considers the relative ease of the job.

If you choose to work in the security industry, Trinity Security has several immediate openings in the Indianapolis area.  To apply, please visit us at

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