Trinity Provides Services to the Following Industries

For the past 25 years, Trinity Executive Services, Inc. has provided armed and unarmed security enforcement officers to companies associated with the below list of industries.

Trinity Security
Banking & Financial Institutions

Research and reports by the FBI and similar agencies conclude that a large number of bank robbers typically observe a bank for several days before committing the robbery. In addition, bank robbers will generally chose a target of least resistance. Thus banks and financial institutions that use armed security are less likely to fall victim to a bank robber(s).

Trinity Executive Services, Inc. employs the quality and caliber of officer best suited to serve as a visual deterrent in a bank environment. Many of our officers are former law enforcement officers, while an equal number also served in the military. All of our officers are well-trained in the use of their firearm and the legal definition of deadly force. More importantly our officers are taught to be observant and to recognize signs and indicators that often precede a violent confrontation. This knowledge and appropriate action is the key to preventing a confrontation and ensuring a safe and pleasant environment for bank staff and clients alike.

Trinity Security
Construction Sites

Construction sites are often the target of criminal acts such as theft and vandalism, resulting in major damages and financial loss to management and contractors. Failure at construction sites to properly control entry/access creates unnecessary liability exposure. Even those not intent on committing a crime, such as teenagers and vagrants, who become injured at the site, may be eligible for financial compensation as a result of their injuries.

Trinity Executive Services, Inc. is well versed in construction site security and its inherent risks and hazards. For nearly 20 years, we have successfully provided these services to construction sites throughout Central Indiana.

Trinity Security
Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities

Manufacturing and industrial facilities and complexes are often the target of criminal acts such as theft, vandalism and unlawful entry, resulting in major damages and financial loss to owners and managers. Industrial Security is defined as “the portion of internal security which refers to the protection of industrial installations, resources, utilities, materials, and classified information essential to protection from loss or damage.” This same type of security can also be applied to manufacturing facilities by either an internal or external security force.

The professional staff of officers employed by Trinity Executive Services, Inc. is well versed in providing the types of services required by both manufacturing and industrial facilities.

Trinity Security
Residential, Hotel & Apartment Communities

Residential neighborhoods, hotels and apartment communities present a unique set of challenges for assigned officers. While the goal of a security officer is to uniformly enforce rules and regulations, he or she must also strive to create a positive working relationship with home owners and tenants. Officers must be able to adapt to and respond accordingly to a wide range of requests and calls for assistance and possess a superior level of communication and customer service skills. Assigned officers must know how to deal with simple calls such as noise complaints to domestic violence and more serious types of crimes. Security officers must understand when to involve the police and how to properly document every incident on an incident report form.

Trinity Security
Retail Outlets & Shopping Centers

Our experienced management team will design a customized security program to match any budget. You will not find a security company as committed to your needs as Trinity Executive Services, Inc. We consider customer service and community relations our top priority for shopping center security. Our security officers will take the time to get to know your tenants, their employees, and their clientele. We will work hard to address any security concerns and help provide a safe shopping environment. Some of the services we commonly provide to shopping centers are: on-site security officers, loss prevention/assets protection, random patrol services and parking enforcement.

Trinity Executive Services, Inc. is well versed in retail security and customer service. For nearly 20 years, we have successfully provided security services to retail outlets and shopping centers throughout Central Indiana.

Trinity Security
Traffic Control & Parking Enforcement

Trinity Executive Services, Inc. provides uniformed and highly visible traffic control officers to schools, churches, construction sites, utility companies and other businesses and locations with a high volume of traffic flow or congestion. All of our traffic control officers will report for duty each day with all of the tools and equipment necessary to safely direct traffic in and around your place of business. From standard flashlights, reflective vests and stop signs - to fully marked patrol cars and external lighting, our staff takes the necessary steps to ensure our officers are seen by motorists. In addition, all of our traffic control officers complete a mandatory training program before being assigned to our traffic control division. This training program teaches our officers how to properly use the tools they are provided with, as well as proper use of hand gestures and knowledge of Indiana Motor Vehicle Laws.