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Our Mission

To treat each client's unique and well-defined needs and concerns with cost effective and practical security solutions that produce results that meet or exceed client expectations

Trinity Security

Our Vision

To continue to broaden our market reach in the Central Indiana security market through the use of technology and innovative new security programs, concepts and ideas

Trinity Security


To foster a positive and rewarding relationship with clients and employees, while providing the best overall service replete with honesty, integrity, loyalty and enthusiasm

Why Choose Trinity? A Well-Trained Staff

The majority of our security officers have gone through the required specialized training at our Academy of Commercial Security, thus completing a curriculum that includes courses on security issues such as surveillance, self-defense and theft prevention, as well as specialized course in customer relations and professional ethics. You can count on our security officers to contribute to the safety and security of your organization.

Our staff will meet with you to develop a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for your business or site. We will then train and prepare our officers based on this SOP.

Listed below are some of the basic training courses our officers attend.

Criminal Law

Criminal law training explores common laws and levels of infractions often encountered by security officers

Customer Relations

Customer Relations Training is a mandatory course for all security officers

Defensive Tactics

Defensive tactics training is a mandatory course for all security officers and teaches officers how to protect themselves if a physical altercation occurs

Domestic Violence Training

Domestic Violence Training is only required for officers who work in apartments, hotels and house communities

Firearms Training

Firearms Training is only required to be completed by our armed officers

First-Aid & CPR

First-Aid and CPR is a mandatory course for all security officers

Introduction to Security

Introduction to security is a mandatory course for all security officers

Patrolling One & Two

Patrolling One and Two provides instruction regarding both mobile and foot patrols. This course is mandatory for all security officers

Use of Force Training

Use of Force Training teaches officers about the force continuum and the proper level of force to use in any given situation. This course is mandatory for all security officers

Sexual & Workplace Harassment

Sexual & workplace harassment training are mandatory courses for all security officers

24 Years Experience
30 Million Billed
110 Employees
30 Million Hours Worked

You are under no obligation to continue service with us if you are not completely satisfied. We make you this promise!

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