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Welcome to a new generation of security technology that offers high tech solutions to your security needs and expectations.  Welcome to total control of your security staff and its actions.

In September 2018, Trinity Executive Services and Trinity Security partnered with TrackTik to further enhance the business services offered to our wide and diverse group of clients.  Through this partnership, Trinity now offers the following new and enhanced security services to our clients in the both the Indianapolis market and those situated in adjoining cities and counties.


The Live Dashboard offers a centralized view of your security operation, displaying all action logs such as reports, checkpoints, employee clock-ins, and recorded interventions as they occur.

Stay informed with real-time access to your security workforce’s activity, such as attendance, incident reports, guard tours, checkpoint scans, and any unexpected events as they unfold. TrackTik’s Live Dashboard makes your real-time information accessible from anywhere on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Centralized view of your field operations with attendance data
  • Live metrics highlighting inactive users, late shifts, exceptions, etc
  • Real-time activity feed to view checkpoint scans, clock-ins/outs, reports, videos, inactive mobile users, etc
  • Dynamic live map with GPS tracking and geo-fencing data
  • Communication stream for direct messages and BOLOs
  • Easy-to-use dashboard with quick access to daily tasks, reporting and activities
  • Access from any web enabled device


With flexible notification options, TrackTik’s Guard Tour System keeps you and your clients informed of the status of events via e-mail, SMS or browser. See in real time whether protocols are being respected and take corrective action without delay.  Guards and patrollers become more self-sufficient, which significantly improves their sense of ownership.

In addition to post and escalation orders, our customizable and flexible checkpoint options empower you with the ability to provide additional instructions, ask questions, request report completion, and much more.
Supporting technologies such as NFC, barcodes, QR codes, and GPS, TrackTik’s Security Guard Tour System replaces outdated solutions while using existing optical labels.

  • Android, iOs, smartphone and tablet compatible
  • Site dedicated emergency contacts, post and escalation order
  • Real-time acknowledgment of escalation order
  • Support Barcodes, QR codes, NFC and GPS checkpoints
  • Generate detailed and accurate patrol data
  • Real-time GPS tracking during entire shift
  • Automated guard tour summary with GPS tracks
  • Real-time late, incomplete or completed tour notifications


Ensure that guards capture all relevant site information with our easy-to-use report builder.
Quickly create report templates using an intuitive interface that illustrates exactly what the device will show in the field. With multiple data field entries available reports are adapted to customer needs. TrackTik’s Incident Reporting is built to facilitate any specific reporting needs, as well as drive analytics for all clients.

Make reporting accurate, efficient and cost-effective with TrackTik’s Incident Reporting Software.
Digital reporting makes it easier to manage, analyze and distribute client data. Plan, project and perform while TrackTik manages the distribution of reporting based on each client’s needs.

  • Easy-to-use report builder interface
  • Detailed incident reporting by site-specific locations
  • Ensure vital information is tracked with mandatory fields
  • Reporting based on incident category and incident level
  • Complete reports using any connected device
  • Customizable report forms with interactive fields such as photos, signatures, diagrams, drop down menus, and more


TrackTik’s dynamic map displays the location of your connected users, active dispatch tickets, client sites and geo-fenced areas. Filter the map to your needs and provide visibility of what’s most important to your business.

Enhance field visibility, and provide a robust suite of notifications to support coverage expectations at any site. The notification triggers work seamlessly with the virtual barriers of the geo-fence to capture different types of events, such as entering, leaving, or remaining in defined geo-zones. Create geo-fences for authorized and unauthorized areas and stay in control with real-time SMS and/or email notifications.

  • Real-time out of zone SMS and email notifications
  • Geotagged guard location when a critical report is logged
  • Configurable areas for authorized and restricted zones
  • Breadcrumb GPS history with detailed field activities
  • Robust notification center for different types of geo-events
  • All active accounts, zones, and users easily accessible
  • Real-time maps, because everyone loves maps!


TrackTik’s Incident Trends & Analytics tool adds value to the services you offer. Present rich and professional data-driven reports. Position yourself as a key contributor to your client’s security reporting requirements. Maximize your client’s return on their security budget by suggesting the optimal use of security solutions to mitigate the overall risk level at their site.

Meeting obligations is at the core of your mission, and going above and beyond is critical to the growth and reputation of your business. Show initiative and be transparent with your clients by showcasing all the information gathered in the field.

  • Reporting data seamlessly collected in custom reports
  • Single or multi-location incident reporting for clients
  • Interactive charts leading to detailed information
  • Customized reports directly accessible from the platform
  • Data displayed visually: heat maps, pie charts, line charts, bar charts, and area charts


The customizable nature of our powerful interface truly allows for flexibility and accuracy, which means that your client can pinpoint specific items and adapt accordingly without requiring your assistance, which saves you both time. You have the flexibility to provide your clients with access to whatever they want to see.

The client portal supports your customers’ desire for transparency by giving them direct access to their data. This self-serve approach means that your clients feel empowered while noticing the critical contribution that your security guards make to their overall security plan. Increase your clients’ satisfaction and limit churn with the combined power of analytics, customized chart creation capabilities, and business report functionalities.

  • Custom incident analytics reports
  • Client-secure access to site information
  • Unlimited report history just a few clicks away
  • Instant access to recorded video documentation
  • Real-time view of the activities at their site


TrackTik’s Lone Worker Safety Solution allows you to ensure compliance with labour and safety regulations without an additional device. Reduce risk and liability, protect your officers and simplify safety protocols. Create unique schedules for different posts allowing you to manage exception tickets for missed check-ins and ensure efficient call-in and check-in process.

TrackTik’s Watch Mode feature enables guards to capture live video of incidents during patrols, making the recordings available directly from the Live Dashboard. The ability to capture video of incidents can objectively support you if a claim against your company is made. This is also a concise way to ensure compliance or add to your organization’s knowledge base for training purposes.

  • Compliance with mandatory Lone Worker Safety checks
  • Capture comprehensive footage of every intervention
  • Access up-to-date site instructions and best practices
  • Real-time notifications for all customer and site messages
  • Direct access to emergency contacts in the event of an incident


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