Which is Better?

One of the first questions we tend to ask a client is “do you want an armed or unarmed officer?”.  Many times the answer is “I don’t know”.  In this section of our website, we try to explain the key differences between armed officers and unarmed officers.

Armed Security Officers

Although all of our officers are licensed, insured and well-trained, our armed officers receive additional training in firearms and use of force. While not all of our armed officers have military or law enforcement experience, a good majority of them will have had this previous experience. Many of our armed officers are active military and/or reserve or retired law enforcement officers.

Depending on your unique situation, an armed officer may be a better choice for your medium to high risk security needs. Generally speaking an armed officer will act as a greater deterrent to crime and disruptive active than an unarmed officer will. An armed officer is seen by most as having a higher degree of authority, which in turn demands greater respect and compliance.

Before you decide to hire an armed officer, please consult with your insurance agent or company. While not common, some insurance policies do prohibit the use of armed officers. Although Trinity Executive Services, Inc. carries sufficient insurance and provides an indemnification clause in our contract, it is in your best interest to ensure that the use of armed officers in no way violates the conditions of your insurance coverage.

Companies that choose to hire an armed officer through Trinity Executive Services, Inc. can expect to pay an additional $1.25 per hour. This additional cost covers the additional insurance costs, training expenses and higher officer pay rates incurred by our company.

If your security needs and expectations are based on a perceived or actual threat to life and/or you are worried about the safety of your staff and patrons, an armed officer may be the best choice.

Unarmed Security Officers

Unarmed security officers are a popular choice when the threat level is low and the use of an armed officer may cause undo concern or excitement. Client activities and situations that may dictate the use of an unarmed officer may include: school settings, traffic control services, entry access control or surveillance work.

While the threat level at your location and surrounding area may have the most impact on your decision to hire either an armed or unarmed officer, you must take into consideration the perceived threat that often accompanies the presence of an armed officer. Employees, clients and customers may question you as to your reason for hiring an armed officer. While you may have information, facts and statistics to support your pro-active decisions, others may not understand. For this reason, an unarmed officer is sometimes a better choice.

Unarmed officers are considered to be less of a liability. Although Trinity Executive Services, Inc. takes all necessary steps and precautions to reduce your liability exposure, armed officers inherently present a higher level of liability exposure.

If the threat level at your business is low and you have no reason to fear for the safety of your staff and patrons, an unarmed officer may be best suited for your security needs.

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